Another Website? My Story…

Welcome to Brendan Caffrey Photography…

Living in the mountains of Colorado and wandering the American West, my passion for photography naturally started with shooting the beautiful landscapes I’m constantly surrounded by. I was out playing in the wilderness so I might as well take some nice pictures, right? Then as I began to travel more and more, that love for photography expanded to capturing distant lands and experiences. And finally a few years after that, when a friend asked me to photograph some beautiful condos for his real estate business, my excitement broadened to shoot beautiful architecture, elegant interiors, luxury hotels & resorts, and despite my small town living situation, cityscapes.

Since getting into it nearly eight years ago, I’ve been learning, training, and teaching myself the art of photography whenever I could, but sometime last year, I realized I had kind of stopped pushing myself. I was still shooting a lot (both for fun and paid gigs…), but creatively, I was repeatedly going through the same processes and felt I wasn’t growing with my work.

Then on Thanksgiving last year, I stumbled across an architectural photography course by a really well known photographer that was on sale. I don’t know why, but right then and there, I didn’t hesitate to pull out my wallet. And not only did I buy the first course, but I grabbed all three for nearly 35 hours classes.

After starting the first lesson of the first class, I was just addicted. My mind was blown by the information I was being shown. And it wasn’t the act of taking the photo that astonished me, but the post processing techniques in photoshop that I was just oblivious to. This was the next step I needed to push my creativity.

That first course turned out to essentially be my gateway drug because the next thing I knew, much to my girlfriend’s dismay, I had ripped through over 90 hours of tutorials in the span of two months. I’ve then spent the rest of my free time this winter practicing the new techniques through some personal projects, reworking some old images, revamping my entire workflow, and now getting Brendan Caffrey Photography off the ground.

Along with Brendan Caffrey Photography, I’ll still be running and working on One for the Road, but my goal with this new venture is to really concentrate on the third branch of photography that I became passionate about: Architecture, interiors, luxury hotels & resorts, and cityscapes.

I still have a lot to get up and running, but for now, make sure to follow along on Instagram and definitely let me know if you find any hiccups or errors on this new website.