The Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport

As I began my journey into architectural photography, I figured what better place to start than Denver International Airport and the attached (and beautiful) Westin Hotel? The fact that I found some killer ratesthat coincided nicely with some cross-country trips for the holidays definitely helped too….

When the airport was devised, the city of Denver wanted a symbol as much as a gateway and a building that was as visually memorable as it was functional. The now-iconic peaked white-tent roof of the Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International Airport was therefore designed to mimic snow-capped mountains of Colorado, the rugged covered wagons of the early pioneer settlers, and Native American Teepees that were found across the Great Plains.

At first glace, the Westin Hotel, attached to the main terminal, looks like a cruise ship or even a moustache, but it was designed to resemble a pair of wings. It was shaped that way because in order to be financially viable, the hotel needed at least 500 rooms, but due to FAA limitations, it could only be so high. It could also only be so wide because of the roads that line both sides. The odd wing-shaped design allowed it to stay within limitations, but also house 519 guest rooms plus a convention center, transit terminal, and plaza.

Being a Westin, the hotel is stunning, but the best part is we rolled out of bed at 6 a.m. and were through security and at our gate by 6:20…