Brendan Caffrey is a Colorado based photographer specializing in Architecture, Interiors, Luxury Hotel/Resort, and Commercial Spaces.


Originally from Massachusetts, I studied Journalism and Mass Communications at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont before venturing out to the mountains of Colorado for “one ski season.”

More than ten years later and I haven’t been able to leave…

Living in the mountains of Colorado and wandering the American West, my passion for photography naturally started with shooting the beautiful landscapes I’m constantly surrounded by. I was out playing in the wilderness so I might as well take some nice pictures, right? Then as I began to travel more and more, that love for photography expanded to capturing distant lands and experiences. And finally a few years after that, when a friend asked me to photograph some beautiful condos for his real estate business, my excitement broadened to shoot beautiful architecture, elegant interiors, luxury hotels & resorts, and despite my small town living situation, cityscapes; All subjects that can encompass both a natural and manufactured beauty that allow me to tell the story of a place.

I’ve been working full time managing Creekside at Beaver Creek, a luxury ski lodge at Beaver Creek Ski Resort, which has allowed me to really cultivate my photography obsession. In addition to Brendan Caffrey Photography, I also run One for the Road Photography where I concentrate on landscape and travel fine prints and licensing.